parks map

ux/ui design, front-end engineering

project summary To support backpackers in the planning process, I designed and built an interactive map that displays the visitor density at each national park for a specific time of year. The user can cycle through the months using a slider. Check out the demo!
motivation Currently, users plannig a trip collect information from several different sources, and there is no way to compare these heuristics between parks at a glance.
research and insight The majority of target users interviewed had a fixed date for their trip, but determined the location using three main factors.
proximity: How far away is the park? How long is the estimated drive?
park temperatures: How cold are the nights? How hot are the days?
access: How much of the park is open?
design decisions With the user priorities in mind (proximity, temperatures, access), I represented the data as a map. The map contains a pin for each national park. The color intensity of each pin reflects its visitor density at the specific time of year.