parks map

ux/ui design, front-end engineering

I designed and built a map to help backpackers analyze visitation data for the U.S. National Parks. I composed the mockups in Adobe Illustrator and built the visualization using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with help from the google maps api.


ux/ui design

Tracks is a tool for mobile songwriting. With the application, users can quickly record, edit and arrange audio. I worked as the lead ui/ux designer on this application, producing user flows and mockups in adobe illustrator.

kinoma for fritzing

graphic design

Interviews revealed that many of Kinoma Create's target users, hardware hobbyists, use fritzing to create and browse wiring diagrams. To meet this need, I designed a Fritzing part for the Kinoma Create in Illustrator.

head-worn controller for smart devices

hci research, user studies

At Berkeley, I helped design a system for controlling smart appliances using a head-worn device. My team facilitated a user study and presented work at O'Reilly Solid Con and Symposium on Spatial User Interaction.

smart bung

interactive hardware, interaction design

The bung is an interactive hardware device to help spirit-makers keep track of their product. It monitors the volume of liquid in a barrel and aggregates data in a web application. For this project, I conducted user research and contributed to interaction design of the physical device and the website.